Analyst Predicts Where Saquon Barkley Will Play In 2023

Regardless of the inconceivable season he’s having, running back Saquon Barkley is no lock to get back to the New York Goliaths next season. The Goliaths will probably need to pick either keeping Barkley or keeping quarterback Daniel Jones in a drop that could come down to which of the two they can crush under the cap.

Analyst Predicts Where Saquon Barkley Will Play In 2023

For Seat Report NFL expert Alex Ballentine, the choice appears to be clear. In a new article, Ballentine anticipated that Barkley will re-up with the Monsters on a drawn-out agreement expansion.

Ballentine guided out that between Barkley’s significance toward the group and the logical need to utilize the establishment label on Jones instead of Barkley, they’ll “take care of business” and give Barkley an augmentation.

“Eventually, the Goliaths must take care of business and hand Barkley a long-term agreement. While different groups could utilize him, he’s particularly significant to the Goliaths. He has the most noteworthy dominator rating in the association, a metric that measures which level of a group’s scores and complete yards a player accounts for…”

Saquon Barkley has looked revived under first-year lead trainer Brian Daboll. Through eight games he now has a greater number of yards and scores than the past 15 games from the 2020 and 2021 seasons joined.

Barkley is on pace for almost 400 contacts this season. He’s now a contender for Rebound Player of the Year, Master Bowl, All-Ace, Hostile Player of the Year, and perhaps MVP respect relying upon how he completes the season.

One thing is without a doubt: The Monsters can’t let their component running back go now, not with the season he’s having.

Whether Barkley consents to another arrangement with them is not yet clear.

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