Cowboys Players Wore Special T-Shirts For Thursday’s Practice

Yes, several members of the Dallas Cowboys football team wore special “Allen Strong” t-shirts to practice on Thursday, June 8, 2023. The shirts were a tribute to the families affected by the May 6 shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets. Nine people were killed and seven others were injured in the shooting.

Cowboys Players Wore Special T-Shirts For Thursday’s Practice

The Cowboys coordinated with the Allen Police Department to wear the shirts. Head coach Mike McCarthy said the team wanted to show their support for the community and the victims of the shooting.

The shirts were available for purchase on the Cowboys’ website. All proceeds from the sale of the shirts were donated to the Communities Foundation of Texas, which set up a fund to support those affected by the shooting.

The Cowboys’ gesture was met with praise from the community. The Allen Police Department thanked the team for their support, and the mayor of Allen said the shirts were a “beautiful gesture.”

The shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets was a tragedy that shook the community. The Cowboys’ show of support was a way for the team to come together and show their love for their community.

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