Cowboys Problems Can Only Be Solved By 1 Person

Stephen A. Smith accepts just a single man can save the Dallas Cowpokes and he’s now in the structure.

Talking on “First Take” Wednesday morning, the ESPN character and noted Cowpoke skeptic uncovered that Dallas’ concerns are fixable assuming one player appears… Dak Prescott.

Assuming that you take a gander at the Dallas Ranchers so many of their issues is settled on the off chance that small time appears and balls out. That is the quarterback.

Prescott has tossed captures in everything except one of his four games this season, including two burdensome picks in the OT misfortune at Lambeau on Sunday.

Numerous Ranchers fans have required the group to take action for Odell Beckham Jr. to save the offense, as Dallas’ edge weapons are as yet deficient with regards to behind CeeDee Sheep.

In any case, the Cowpokes will require additional steady play from their $160 million quarterback assuming they anticipate isolating themselves in the packed NFC East. Similar to what they got from Cooper Rush in his five beginnings this season.

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