ESPN Analyst Makes His Thoughts On Baker Mayfield Very Clear

Cook Mayfield had a unimaginable presentation with the Rams on Thursday night, driving the group on a 98-yard game-dominating score drive.

What made Mayfield’s exhibition so noteworthy was the way that he was guaranteed off waivers on Tuesday. He had relatively little chance to learn Sean McVay’s playbook.

Regardless of what unfolded on the field on Thursday night, ESPN’s Ryan Clark isn’t prepared to alter his perspective on Mayfield being a beginning quarterback in the NFL.

Clark made sense of on “Get Up” that he might want to see additional consistency from Mayfield.

“Dough puncher Mayfield contended. I feel like Dough puncher Mayfield contends each time he ventures onto the field,” Clark said. “However, might we at any point see this reliably? Might we at any point see an experienced grown-up, in the storage space as well as on the field every single week. Those aren’t things that we’ve seen from Pastry specialist Mayfield over a lengthy timeframe.”

Mayfield will have a couple of additional chances to demonstrate that he can by and by be a full-time starter in the NFL.

The Rams are supposed to begin Mayfield at quarterback during Matthew Stafford’s nonattendance.

On Dec. 19, the Rams will confront the Packers on public TV. We’ll check whether Mayfield can have another heavenly exhibition.

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