Football Fans Couldn’t Believe 1 Marcus Mariota Play Last Night

During Thursday night’s down between the Birds of prey and Pumas, veteran quarterback Marcus Mariota made a problematic toss in the final quarter.

As Mariota was tumbling to the ground, he attempted to send off the ball downfield. It was captured by Myles Hartsfield and got back to the Hawks’ end zone.

Luckily for Mariota, his knee hit the ground before he delivered the football. However, that didn’t prevent fans from savaging him via virtual entertainment.

The whole NFL world was addressing why Mariota thought it was really smart to toss the ball while he was moving to the ground.

One fan tweeted, “This is the most ridiculous pass I’ve at any point found in my life.”

“Much more clever reasoning he was focusing on Kyle Pitts but then again no where close catchable for him,” another fan composed.

Mariota took ownership of his horrible showing against the Jaguars. He told correspondents, “I was playing a tad beyond myself attempting to make a play too often and it hurt our group.”

The Hawks will require Mariota to play much better next Sunday against the Bears.

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