Football World Has Mixed Reaction To Joe Thomas’ Colts Comments

On Friday, previous All-Expert lineman Joe Thomas totally tore Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Foals for their “discourteous” recruit of break lead trainer Jeff Saturday.

He said Irsay recruited his “drinking pal” for a task he has no capabilities for.

“At the point when you employ your drinking amigo to be lead trainer of a NFL football crew, it is perhaps of the most impolite thing I’ve at any point found in all my years,” Thomas said on Great Morning Football. “… It was the most incredibly horrifying thing I can at any point occurred in the NFL… furthermore, I went 1-31 my most recent two years in the NFL…”

A few fans concur with Thomas’ take.

“This is gold,” one composed.

“He’s right and it’s a humiliation and a train wreck,” one more added.

Others weren’t as enamored with Thomas’ position.

“There is an excessive lot of pearl grasping happening for a named Interval person Lead trainer,” one composed.

“This is the greatest overcompensation I have seen about this. He’s an in-between time mentor for a very long time. That is all there is to it. No large paranoid fear. No large assertion in how the group feels about other NFL mentors. In a real sense simply employing somebody to get some juice for the last 50% of the time,” one more said.

Saturday will lead the Yearlings into his most memorable game against the Las Vegas Plunderers on Sunday.

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