Here’s The Last Time NFL Moved Game From Buffalo

With a few feet of snow expected in the weather conditions figure for Sunday’s down between the Cleveland Tans and Bison Bills in upstate New York, the NFL is investigating creating some distance from Highmark Arena.

3-6 feet of snow is normal this end of the week also as “thundersnow” – which can make the game extremely risky for any of the a great many fans. So it’s no enormous shock that the NFL is calling a discernible here.

Be that as it may, regardless of Bison’s standing for playing in the coldest of chilly climate and snow, it’s really been quite a while since the association created some distance from the Bills. The last time this happened was way back in 2014, when the association had to move a Bills home game to Detroit’s Portage Field after snow covered their home field.

However, moving the game to Portage Field and changing the game to Monday night didn’t prevent the Bills from destroying the New York Planes that year. They handily won their usual hangout spot game, 38-3.

On the off chance that set of experiences rehashes the same thing and the Bills play the Browns at an alternate scene, they could be returning subsequent to losing their last two games in succession.

Luckily for Bison, Detroit’s Portage Field ought to be accessible since the Lions are out and about against the Goliaths this end of the week.

Philadelphia’s Lincoln Monetary Field is additionally accessible with the Birds playing the Yearlings.

Will Bison move their game this Sunday? Where will it be played?

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