Joe Burrow Offers Thoughts On Teammate’s Contract Dispute

The Cincinnati Bengals made a significant move by signing Orlando Brown, which created an uncomfortable situation for star left tackle Jonah Williams during the offseason. However, after some tense moments, Williams chose to return to the team, bringing joy to quarterback Joe Burrow.

In an interview with James Rapien of All Bengals, Burrow expressed his happiness at seeing Williams back with the team and believed that the change wouldn’t affect Williams’ performance on the field.

Joe Burrow Offers Thoughts On Teammate’s Contract Dispute

With Brown’s arrival, Williams, the Bengals’ starting left tackle since 2020, will now go to the right tackle spot. Williams hasn’t played right tackle in his college days, and this is important to note of them.

Initially, there were concerns that Williams might hold out and demand a trade rather than accept the move to right tackle. This apprehension arose because right tackles typically earn less money compared to starting left tackles, on average.

However, the situation has resolved itself positively, and if Williams performs well at right tackle, he will ultimately receive his fair share of financial compensation.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ acquisition of Orlando Brown led to some uncertainty surrounding Jonah Williams, the team’s star left tackle. Thankfully, Williams decided to return to the team despite the position change, much to the delight of quarterback Joe Burrow.

Burrow expressed his contentment with Williams’ presence and believed that Williams’ performance would remain unaffected. Williams will nowF serve as the team’s right tackle, with is hope that he can excel in his new position to get the proper compensation for his contributions.

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