NBA star Kevin Porter in police custody under suspicion of assaulting his girlfriend

NBA star Kevin Porter Jr. was arrested Monday in a New York City police station on suspicion of assaulting his fiancée, according to two senior law enforcement authorities.

According to sources, the Houston Rockets guard is now being held at the 17th Precinct in Midtown Manhattan and will be charged with assault and strangling.

Porter, 23, is accused of assaulting his girlfriend at the Millennium Hotel Broadway Times Square overnight. According to the reports, Porter’s girlfriend was hospitalized with at least one broken bone and bruising.

Police were notified by hotel security. The event started after both of them had left; she subsequently returned to the hotel room, and he was barred out. According to the sources, this is when the incident escalated.

An NBC News request for comment was not immediately returned by the Houston Rockets.

Porter and the Rockets agreed to a four-year, $82.5 million contract deal in October.

Porter’s behavior has already piqued the interest of the league and teams, including a food-throwing incident when playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers and refusing to participate in the second half of a game while with the Rockets.

Last season, Porter averaged roughly 19 points, five rebounds, and nearly six assists per game for the Rockets.

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