NFL World Reacts To Micah Parsons, Refs Controversy

Cowpokes star Micah Parsons completed this previous Sunday’s down against the Pumas with one sack and a bungle recuperation, but, his effect ought to have been more recognizable.

John Claiming of Star Football Center showed a couple photographs of Parsons being held by the Panthers’ hostile line. Sadly for the Ranchers, the refs missed it.

Parsons has been such a powerful edge rusher this season that hostile linemen must choose the option to hold him.

So, the NFL world is very disappointed that Parsons doesn’t get enough “regard” from the authorities.

One fan said, “I mean on the off chance that you will deal with QBs like children and call it player security don’t you need to safeguard all players?”

Another fan tweeted, “On the off chance that refs called holding against Parsons’ rival like clockwork, I figure each and every group would confront a ‘down and 30+’ each game just from holds, not in any event, including TFLs or sacks.”

Parsons will enter Week 16 of the ordinary season with 59 all out handles, 13 sacks and three constrained bumbles.

Depend on it, dialing back Parsons will be the Falcons’ first concern this end of the week.

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