NFL World Reacts To The NFC East’s Performance

What a distinction two years can make.

In 2020, no NFC East group had a triumphant record through 10 weeks of the time. However, quickly forward 730 days, and no group in the division is under .500:

After the Administrators gave the Falcons their most memorable loss of the time in Monday night’s wild NFC East agitated, the NFL world couldn’t resist the opportunity to see the division’s seriousness this year.

“The last-place group in the NFC East has a preferable record over 15 different groups in the NFL,” snickered FOX Sports’ David Helman.

“The Goliaths are one game back in the NFC East (and for the No. 1 seed in the NFC),” tweeted Dan Duggan.

“Assuming that you expected something besides this from an NFC East early evening game, you were misleading yourself,” said Brett Kollmann.

“Present status of the NFC East.”

“The AFC East and NFC East this season,” tweeted BetMGM.

Who might have envisioned this even 10 months prior?

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