NFL World Reacts To The Tony Dungy Photo

Tony Dungy was being one amazing incredible resident throughout the end of the week.

The Super Bowl-winning mentor was seen chipping in with The Salvation Armed force at a nearby supermarket as he was helping those out of luck. It’s particularly extraordinary on the grounds that it’s the Christmas season and not every person is fortunate this season.

This prompted a ton of NFL fans and media individuals praising the incredible mentor.

“I have respected @TonyDungy for quite a long time because of reasons like this. In a social time of consistent consideration looking for to introduce a spectacular and bombastic picture, here is an update that we shouldn’t look for the endorsement and brilliance of man, just a crowd of people of one,” one tweet read.

“Tony Dungy has consistently talked the discussion and strolled the walk. They don’t come obviously superior to that man,” another tweet read.

Method for being, Tony.

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