Price Of Odell Beckham Jr Will Be “Astronomical”

“Undisputed” co-host and Lobby of Acclaim tight end Shannon Sharpe trusts Odell Beckham Jr. is searching for the sack upon his return from a second upper leg tendon tear.

Talking on Wednesday’s show, Sharpe cleared up for Skirt that Jerry Jones must make good assuming that he believes OBJ should be wearing a star on his cap.

He needs a drawn out bargain. Market interest. At the point when request is high [and] supply is low, the costs goes galactic. … The 49ers are intrigued, the Bosses are intrigued, the Goliaths… What’s more, I don’t completely accept that he will give the Cattle rustlers the rebate that a many individuals believe he should give.

The Cattle rustlers have made its a well known fact that they need Odell in Dallas. Yet, what are they ready to give doing get him?

It’s difficult to envision the three-time Star Bowler and Super Bowl winner not taking the most lucrative arrangement. Particularly considering his new Nike claim.

Beckham was a significant distinction creator for a Rams group needing some assistance outwardly post-Robert Woods injury. We’ll check whether he can have a comparable impact in Dallas, or somewhere else, in 2022.

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