Tuohy Family Reportedly Makes Decision On Michael Oher Relationship

The Tuohy family’s relationship with former NFL lineman Michael Oher finally comes to light Before this month, Oher starred at Ole Miss and had a big inspiration behind the “The Blind Side” movie.

But in the present time, Oher took legal action against the Tuohy family. He said they took advantage of him either by adopting him. He is claiming the family took all of his money also. As per USA TODAY reports, The Tuohy family wants to break the agreement between them.

During a news conference Wednesday, Sean and Leigh Anne, the family members of the Tuohy family wants to break the mutual agreement with Micheal Oher, reported by USA TODAY In the court records, Oher signed an agreement in August 2004, after 3 months of his 18th birthday.

So there was no basis for the agreement to exist. Other agreements come to light in his 2011 book. In the book, Oher wrote some mind-blowing.

He said after he was eighteen and been an adult, now it looked like a formality. Now Sean and Leigh Anne, the family members of the Tuohy family would be responsible for the preservation.

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