Tuohy Family Says Michael Oher Sought $15M, Threatened to ‘Plant a Negative Story

Says Michael Against the allegations from former NFL lineman Michael Oher who said that The Tuohy family tricked him into an agreement when he turned 18 and they didn’t give him money which was made from The Blind Side movie, the Tuohy family is fighting back.

The Tuohy family Attorney, Martin Singer, representing Sean and Leigh gave a statement via TMZ that Oher is threatening to “if they didn’t pay 15$ Oher will tell some negative story to the journalists about them.”

It also claimed that “Oher try multiple times before and succeed to claim the attention of others.”

The statement of the Tuohy family said, “It was always been taken care of Mr. Oher’s every need including his health insurance, getting driver’s license and getting admissions in college.”

The family didn’t want to break the mutuality between Michael Oher and Tuohy family. As per reports Singer said, “It was very nasty and destructive for those people who had common sense and saw the news about the claims.

This comes to light when Michael A. Fletcher of ESPN reported a 14-page petition to a Tennessee court and claimed that the Tuohy family tricked him to sign the documents which gave them legal authority and the family didn’t adopt him as portrayed in The Blind Side movie.

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