Bill Belichick Makes Opinion On Tom Brady's Record Very Clear

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Tom Brady had one more critical profession accomplishment during Sunday's down against the Los Angeles Rams.

Before he drove his 55th all-time game-dominating drive, Brady passed the 100,000-yard mark.

He's the main quarterback in NFL history who has tossed for that numerous yards.



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Charge Belichick, who trained Brady for right around twenty years, was gotten some information about that achievement during his media meeting and gave him all the credit.

"That is an enormous achievement and a genuine credit to him. I don't actually have the foggiest idea how far 100,000 yards is

 It should be far. I don't have any idea the number of miles. I have no clue," Belichick said.

Despite the fact that Brady added this achievement to his assortment, he's probably significantly more amped up for getting the success.

The Bucs appeared to be done for during the game before Brady drove the offense 60 yards in under 40 seconds for the game-dominating score.

It got the Bucs to 4-5 and up to initially put in the NFC South. It is not yet clear the number of additional yards Brady tosses for before he resigns.