Mike McCarthy Has Honest Reaction To Cowboys Trade Deadline Inaction

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There was a ton of development in the NFL paving the way to the exchange cutoff time, yet notwithstanding bits of gossip that the Cattle rustlers would-be purchasers, they sat idle

So how did lead trainer Mike McCarthy feel about that?

Showing up on 96.7 The Ticket in Dallas, McCarthy conceded that it would have been pleasant to "add another great player or two." However



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he said that he cherishes the players he has notwithstanding.

"At times the ball skips the alternate way and you continue to move. I don't believe there's a mentor in football that would rather not add another great player or two," McCarthy said. "I love the folks we have."

That is not precisely a sparkling underwriting of the front office's exchange cutoff time independent direction. Be that as it may, McCarthy isn't precisely in that frame of mind to gripe.

Notwithstanding being without star quarterback Dak Prescott for the majority of the initial eight games this season, 

the Cattle rustlers are a more than good 6-2 and in line for an outing to the end-of-the-season games as a Special case group in any event.

On the other hand, McCarthy's capacity to keep his work past the 2022 season will most likely really rely on how profound of a season-finisher run he's ready to take the group on.